Summer / by brasscollective

Hi all,

About time for me to make a blog post before the other three start complaining about it.

I came from a small, little humble Visual Effects company called Double Negative, working on Hollywood films such as Fast & Furious 6, Thor 2, Transcendence, Interstellar and some other boring movie titles which you wouldn't wanna know anyway.

After a couple of years with Double Negative, my soccer buddies, the "龙姐s", I decided to make the leap of faith and joined an even smaller film company, producing short films and corporate videos.

So yea, my daily bread and butter is flippin' with Final Cut Pro X and After Effects everyday.

And playing with some 5D Mark IIIs and FS700 too.

I've been dabbling with photography, film, motion graphics, design, multimedia for as long as I can remember since I was in grad school.

That was pretty much the same time where we got the idea for Brass Collective, an idea CY(Scottie Too Hotty) and myself came out with. 

Essentially the idea for the name was a little, well, too much out of the box.

CY's idea of the word "Brass" wasn't the material we learned in school. It was an acronym sort of, form for a title of words; Brahs in Bras. This was the officially logo he made few years ago, but, eh never mind the details. 

TF2 fans will find this tasty like chunked tuna

TF2 fans will find this tasty like chunked tuna

There's going to be a new logo and he promises it will be two naked men this time instead.

My name's Henry, and I'm based in summer sunny Singapore, Asia. 

I'll make another blog post when it snows here.