Moving to Mirrorless / by brasscollective

As far as I can remember, I am always a Canon DSLR user, even as of now.  

However, I started from video before I eventually move over to photography.

As such, I started from "Mirrorless", since video cameras doesn't use mirrors, but rather direct to sensor recording.  

Being a hybrid DSLR user for years, I had the impression that Mirrorless cameras lose to DSLR, in terms of focusing speed, battery life, ergonomics, low-light and RAW capabilities. 

But that was back then 3-4 years ago, when mirrorless is more for the hobbyist than the working guy.


Then again, there are the cons of having a mirror in a camera too.

Just think of it, having a mirror there instead of all the electronics and coconut trees you can put in. 

Canon recently released a bullshit called 5Ds, which they took out the headphone socket which was so popular with 5D Mark iii, and released this official statement; "A headphone socket, for monitoring audio, is not included. This is due to a lack of space inside the cameras, caused by the move to USB 3.0 connectivity.”  

Andrew Reid from stated this fact, "The excuse of USB 3.0 excluding the headphone jack would seem strange to Samsung NX1 users who have USB 3.0 and a headphone jack on a body approximately 2 thirds of the size of the 5DS." 

It might or might not be the mirror, or Canon just wanna be an asshole because of the Canon Cinema EOS series, I'm just gonna give them the benefit of the doubt. 

And not having the ability to adapt legacy lenses because of the flange distance, just adds on to the wound. 



I have a couple of legacy lenses which I really love to adapt on my canon, one being the Super Takumar 50mm f1.4, but there's always an infinity problem.  

Super Takumar is a m42 mount lenses back from the 60's, to use it on a Canon body we have to use an adapter which you can get easily from eBay or Amazon(m42 to EF-mount). 

For those who are new to this, when you focus to infinity, the backrim of the lenses will hit the mirror of your DSLR, which is why the infinity issue became a popular topic among the legacy lenses user. 

The only DSLR I didn't have an issue with was my Sigma SD1, because the flange distance was just(barely) nice for the infinity focusing. Of course, sometimes it matters where you get your adapters from(from what I've seen in forums some adapters bypass the issue with mirrors but I've never seen it yet), but generally most adapters have that infinity issue with mirrors, especially Canon. 


Which brings us back to the topic, Mirrorless. 


Fast forward to 2015, you get so many "DSLRs" which are actually Mirrorless cameras.  

Panasonic GH, Sony a7, Samsung NX, and so many huge competitors in the Mirrorless markets.  

As mentioned in my previous post, the only reason why I'm sticking to my Canon is because of Magic Lantern's RAW video and most clients like the name of it, because of their ingenious marketing throughout the years.

But frankly speaking, I'll rather go for a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera to get that dynamic range, but it's just my opinion. 


It's not that Canon doesn't have mirrorless cameras, they do have. The EOS M series or something, I can't really remember the name. 

But their seriousness about mirrorless is about the same as Casio is with their cameras, virtually nonexistent. 

Ultimately, I like the idea of an EVF.  It's like having a live view in your viewfinder, because it's using the sensor as a viewfinder, not the goddamn huge mirror in a box. 

P.S. It's not that I like talking shit about Canon, but it's really just that they are moving in the wrong direction. 

Some of the stills we got from our shoot we finished last week, taken by Sochii while I was trying to compose, or smoking.

I will try to do a post about that lalang field once I get the green light. 

- Henry