Hello and Welcome / by Felix Wong

Crimson Sky
Leica M8 with Voigtländer 15/4.5
Ketchikan, AK
Felix Wong © 2013

Hi there! 

Welcome to The Brass Collective website and thanks for checking out our inaugural blog!

We're a team of visual artists; our disciplines include photography, graphic design, motion graphics, cosmetology as well as fashion styling.

Not only do our collective skills span over a wide range of disciplines, each of us call a different part of this earth home. From the bustling city of Singapore, to the suburbia of Atlanta, GA to the vast wilderness of Alaska; we look forward to bringing you insights to our experiences from each of these exotic locales.

As we do our best in providing these services to the discerning client, we look forward to learning from our experiences and blogging them here for the benefit of others who seek to improve their craft!

So, while teething problems are inevitable, do not hesitate to give us feedback and tell us more about what you want to see more of.

Until next time, keep creating art and don't give it up for anything!

Felix Wong